Welcome to the Master Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Treasure Guide. Here we've the locations of all 61 treasures hidden within the game. To make things easier, we've slpit everything up by chapter.

Chapter 2: In Search of El Dorado Edit

I. Silver Mosaic Inca Earing
When The Search for El Dorado begins you'll find yourself in a lush forest setting with Sully. Venture forth slowly and you'll quickly come across a climable rocky outcrop. Get up onto the outcrop and turn around to jump over to another outcrop and walk along it. Drop down from this second platform but be careful not to stray too far from the wall. After dropping down, turn around to find the game's first treasure shining happily.
II. Jewelled Silver Monkey
This treasure is sneakily hidden behind a tree shortly after where you found the last one. As you progress Nate and Sully will enter a clearing filled with stone columns which you'll have to climb. As you're hopping from column to column, Nate will slip on one. After steadying yourself, look around for a nearby column with a tree covering it. Jump over to this column and check behind the tree for your second treasure.
III. Decorated Gold Ring
Once you finish with all your pillar hopping, you'll have to drop a boulder off a height to open an enterence to a hidden cavern. Once inside you'll find your way blocked by a huge chasm, head left - right into the corner - to find the Decorated Gold Ring
IV. Silver Llama
Further on in the cavern you'll find yourself having to jump down into a flooded section of the cave. Swim through and you'll find the Silver Llama in a niche after you emerge from the water.
V. Golden Inca Cup
After causing a mess on the scaffolding section Nate and Sully will climb a staircase prompting a short cut scene. After the scene finishes, turn around and head over to the skeleton on the concrete slab to pick up the Golden Inca Cup.
VI. Silver Turtle
As soon as you exit the cavern you'll find climable pillars to your left. Head over to them and jump right along until you reach the last one in the row. You'll find the Silver Turtle on this pillar.

Chapter 3: A Surprising Find Edit

VII. Gold Tairona Pendant
After watching the cut-scene with the German U-Boat you'll find yourself having to go through a climbing session. Toward the end of the climb Nate will grab a second vine but instead of jumping off, climb the vine to get up to another platform where you'll find the Gold Tairona Pendant.
VIII. Gold and Turquoise Inca Earing
Once you jump down onto the U-Boat skirt around the hatch and head up to the far end of the hull. Right at the end you'll find the Gold and Turquoise Inca Earing as well as being treated to an awesome view.

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